New life to used equipment.

Gnodi Regeneration Process offers to its clients a high quality winning solution for the regeneration of equipment for cooking, refrigeration, dynamic preparation and washing.

The operation, the cost of which is worth only one third of the full price of the regenerated item, includes the accurate and complete regeneration of plants and it comes with a 12-month guarantee, thanks also to the utilisation of original exchange parts, CE approved, from the main brands.

The equipment of a professional kitchen is a strategic element of fundamental importance. Its substitution means costly investments, not always necessary thanks to innovative regeneration techniques from Gnodi Service.

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Operating lease service and rental of mobile kitchens on wheels or in container.
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The efficiency of a kitchen is essential.
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The most important brands, the best prices and a highly competent consultancy service.
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Full Service

A “turn-key” solution.
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The best solutions also in case support is needed, starting from ideas.
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