The efficiency of a kitchen is essential.

The efficiency of a kitchen is essential. Gnodi Service plans and ensures a programmed and extraordinary maintenance service on call, that translates into tangible savings and benefit for the customer, since it guarantees checks on the equipment, replacement of worn parts and service continuity.

The emergency service offers quick repairing activities on equipment and systems. The structure and the corporate organisation with specialised and dedicated teams, ensure the arrival of staff on-site within 12/24 hours. Gnodi technicians boast an equipped mobile workshop for first response. Each vehicle features standard equipment for first response with essential spare parts to avoid downtimes. This way, our operators always boast suitable spare parts for the equipment located at the customer’s premises.

Computerize the maintenance service for the kitchens you manage, with Gnodi Service you will have everything in one application to be installed on your mobile phone or tablet.

NO MORE SURPRISES! You will always know how much you are spending because with a simple click you will have on your device the history of all the equipment surveyed.

EASY AND FAST! To open a maintenance call, simply scan the QR Code from the app, indicating the problem in a very short time one of our specialized technicians will perform the maintenance.

NO MORE PAPER! The report will be sent in digital format directly to your email address.

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Operating lease service and rental of mobile kitchens on wheels or in container.
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The most important brands, the best prices and a highly competent consultancy service.
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Full Service

A “turn-key” solution.
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The best solutions also in case support is needed, starting from ideas.
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Regeneration Process

New life to used equipment.
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