From Gnodi Service to Gnodi Group, is a dream come true.

Known historically for carrying out maintenance in the Italian industrial catering sector, Gnodi Service nowadays has extensive skills and experience in the design, supply, installation and servicing of equipment in this sector. Furthermore, it can fully manage systems and technologies for any kind of plant environment.

It has long provided his highly professional activity to corporate and hospital canteens, mass distribution, hotel chains, restaurants and fast food offering scheduled or extraordinary maintenance and supplying of all major brands of equipment and systems for industrial kitchens, in particular for LARGE DISTRIBUTION.

It works directly with the main players and leaders in the relevant Italian markets.
It offers to its customers dedicated trainings, organizing specific courses in appropriate facilities area at the headquarter company.

The success of a big company is determined above all by its internal organization.

A well-coordinated team work, cooperation between the various offices, fluent dynamics of communication and synergies between the professional profiles who lead the various projects are the strengths that confirm Gnodi Group as the ideal referent, fast and flexible for anyone who needs a Comprehensive and reliable support.



Gnodi Group is a dream come true, the evolution of a small family business founded in 1995, the ambition of an entrepreneur that was able to achieve his goals

The Group’s premises are in Somma Lombardo (5 minutes from Milan Malpensa International Airport), covering an area of approximately 7,000 sqm with low environmental impact thanks to over 400 solar panels on the building’s roof, able to produce the energy requirements to run the whole plant.

The group consists of several companies which diversify and customize project solutions according to customers’ needs, both for National and International markets.

Gnodi Service: Wide-ranging management f systems and production facilities lant: design, implementation, maintenance nd supply of equipment.

Mobile System: mobile and modular structures designed to provide a professional environment for catering, healthcare services, as well as other types of facilities and use. Frozen meals.

Columbia: Since 1949 it has represented excellence in flywheel slicing machines. “Made in Italy” tradition and style.


The Group has always focused on ensuring it provides expertise, experience, skills and technical capabilities, applying a forward-looking corporate policy which is consistently implemented through the provision of services to customers. Products offered have evolved over the years: the Group firmly believes that transformation and innovation over the time is important in order to adapt to a constantly changing market.

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Our history


The entrepreneur Ivan Gnodi, together with a few close collaborators, founded the Gnodi Service. The project starts from a garage in a small village called Corgeno (fraction of Vergiate) basis for maintenance activities for kitchen equipment. The spaces are immediately too limited ... also because they are soon implemented new services for professional catering.


Gnodi Service moves its operating office in a real warehouse in Mercallo, starting to deal with the supply, installation and regeneration of catering equipment.


The second business unit of the Group is born. The craft production of the Columbia machines, the excellence of the flywheel slicers, is acquired. Tradition and Made in Italy style in a cult product designed in 1949 and still realized today as then. Columbia is a professional slicing machine that combines design, mechanics, precision and cutting quality, all features of the craftsmanship and of the Made in Italy famous in the world. Today it is recognized, among the market operators, as the professional slicer par excellence and it is positioned in the highest range of products representing the elite of the flywheel slicing machines.


Mobile System Srl is founded. The third division of the Group initially deals with mobile kitchens on wheels and modular.


Gnodi Service starts "Full Service" collaboring with the customer in the realisation of a “turn-key” package and proposing itself as the sole referent for the management of entire production centers.


In Somma Lombardo is built the new official Gnodi Group headquarter. 7,500 square meters with low environmental impact thanks to over 400 solar panels installed on the roof.


Mobile System realizes the first project in "medical" field. The first Italian modular dialysis is made. A container dialysis able to accommodate the nephrology department of the Morbegno hospital, ensuring the continuity of service during the restructuring of the fixed structure. From this moment Mobile System will work on projects such as "mobile clinics in the world", "Emergency", etc.


Mobile System begins in the "racing" world working for Yamaha, Pirelli and other important names with maintenance projects, restyling and construction of special vehicles for car transport, hospitality services, etc.